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[The princess has read up everything she could on Raine Sage's guide to this enclosure, from beginning to end, and though she was calmed about most things and determined to do whatever is is she could in order to return home, there was simply something she couldn't accept.

That time could stand still while they were here.

It was impossible - time marched on, through fortune and its counterpart - and so Hilda finds a relatively quiet spot away from the odd appliances in her small abode to turn her attention to those with more experience.

(Though she comes from a land where even this set-up is hard to come by, she had been more fortunate than her people and lived in a castle. Albeit a lonely and crumbling one. Space is the key here.)

Her staff is clenched tightly, and it's clear she's mildly distressed by something.]

To those whom are listening: Hello. I am Princess Hilda, ruler of a sorrowful land named Lorule, and I'm in need of those with experience in an experiment that took place some time ago that allowed you to visit your home for less than a day as told in Raine Sage's guide. While she's assured us not to worry about home, I can't help but do just that as it is my duty to be there in its time of need.

[Which, if you couldn't tell from the obvious concern, is exactly the case. She's absolutely needed there.]

Of course, if one has experience regarding time outside of that, I would like to hear it as well. That is all I request. Thank you very much.

[She inclines her head slightly, eyes closing, and leaves it at that.]


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Princess Hilda of Lorule

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